Thank you Aino for sharing your success story with us! We are so glad that you joined our community and got to show your skills. This is a real life example of how much we can do #together. A big thanks to ”Duunista Toimeen” (helping young people into work) and Taru for all your hard work that gave a chance to this story. Thank you also to Kouvola Liquorice for being bold and giving a chance to new young workers. When we give young people the chance to show their abilities, miracles can happen. Even one gig can pave the path to success!

Aino’s story:

”I got my first gig as a tester for the Work Pilots application though the ”Duunista toimeen” project. After this, I started actively following the application and managed to get a few hour gig from Kouvola Liquorice. This lead to more gigs from them, after which they wanted to offer me a more permanent place. Currently I take care of the Kouvola Liquorice factory outlet.

The outlet is in the same building as Kouvola’s Filmtown and after a few months, I also got work there as a sales person. The Work Pilots app gave me an excellent start to work life and through it I have gotten a lot of work experience that is sure to help me in the future!”