Work Pilots – Innovative Route into Working Life

Long gone are the days when jobs such as a refueler at a petrol station, a maid, or an office messenger were the norm. Nowadays, it is extremely difficult for a young person to find a job, especially if they have no prior work experience. This is why even one successful work place- ment can open many doors and opportunities to develop and improve one’s knowledge, and hopefully be an inspiration for their future.

In 2015, Eija Kiviranta and Jari Raitanen founded Work Pilots as a means to combat the struggles faced by young people early on in their employment careers. They hold this cause important both personally and socially. Their aim has been to create an online service which brings forth young applicants and unites them with potential employers. This service is a response to the challenges young people face, while listening and appreciating them.

Within the last 30 years, over 600 000 jobs requiring only basic school education have di- sappeared. At the same time, the social exclusion of young inexperienced people has become a major concern. This needs to be resolved!

Although it’s an issue, there is an abundance of support. Temporary assistance is a familiar concept to all; households, businesses and communities alike. However, finding and creating a suitable system for organising short-term working relationships has been the main problem in reducing these employment issues. Work Pilots is now offering the solution!

Work Pilots is not only focusing on finding the best candidates, but tries to encourage all to be their best. The aim, simply, is to get young adults into working life in as wide of a context as possible. Although it is abundantly clear that the greatest impact would be by ensuring that each age group gets access to working life, Work Pilots focuses on young adults.

Solving issues in employment cannot be achieved alone. That is why Work Pilots is based on co-operation. Over 60 cities in Finland have agreed to take the Work Pilots programme into use and give young adults their first opportunities in working life. Many companies have taken this challenge positively onboard, and this has been noted both by the individuals and the organisers. It is of extreme importance to Eija and Jari that the service creates a fair environment to everyone involved. To achieve this, the system allows for honest, but fair feedback on employer’s/employee’s work.

About 20 000 young adults around Finland have created a Work Pilots profile. A profile at Work Pilots is a sign of an active person who has a desire to work.

Please join Eija and Jari in their quest to overcome the overlooking of inexperienced young people in the employment process. Whatever position you currently are in, it is extremely important for all of us to employ young people.