City of Ii, north of Finland, decided to join our first beta testing phase during March 2016. They were excited to try new tools to help young people and decided to create some work tasks to get some ideas from young people how the city should be developed.  Valtteri got one of these tasks and his views and opinions very so much appreciated that he was offered summer job.  Here is Valtteri’s story:

“I participated into WorkPilots beta testing this spring. My local youth advisor recommended it to me. During few weeks pilot I did several tasks and it was great to earn some money. 

As a result, I was offered a best possible summer job I could even dream of.  And even better… I am suspecting it will not stay as a summer job only and could continue in the future too when the door is now opened. 

At least for me, loading WorkPilots to my phone was really a fantastic thing.”   – (Valtteri, Ii)