Thousand and one night stories is the Finnish story collection, which consists of frame story and hundreds of stories, which are related to young peoples’ experiences of work life, its challenges and opportunities and how gig job tasks provided by WorkPilots have helped them to move on in their lives.

#Thousandandonenights is living work, where stories are multiplied into this blog as our journey continues.
Come and follow the journey of youth along with delightful, lovable, teaching and surprising stories.

Also give youngster chance to tell a story by giving her/him at least one job opportunity.

Chapter 1 – ”Only Rescue”

”Job was the only job of the summer, because I didn’t get any other summer job. In that sense it was my rescue.”

”I didn’t get any other job in the summer, but this was anyway the work of the field I have studied and an excellent work experience.”

”Young people have problems with getting money/work experience, when they are only 16-years-old, so this application has helped me to get a work, even though it was just one gig.”

”Without WorkPilots I wouldn’t have had any chances to get more work experience in addition to my summer job.”


Chapter 2 – Valuable work experience

WorkPilots helps continuously to get work. That way I got for example cleaning job and that employer promised me more job. Thank you. – Kasmir

”I got a gig from that kind of job, I’ve always wanted to get.”

”It has been magnificent to earn first salaries of my life from you. It strengthens my know-how in the work life and my CV also.”

”Everyone are awesome experiences and I’ve got to done that kind of jobs that I could not have done otherwise.”

”I told in the summer job interview about every work tasks I have done via WorkPilots and employer saw this as a positive advantage.”

”I have learned that even though you would not get summer job by applying to them, you can get employed other way and spend the best summer ever.”
Chapter 3 – Finally summer job
”Without application I would probably have left without a summer job again this summer.” – Elina

I had applied summer jobs actively for three years and sent several job applications. Anyway I never got a job, and I didn’t have luck in the city’s summer job lottery. I got to hear quite often that I didn’t have enough work experience.

In the beginning of this year one youngster of our friend family told that he/she had downloaded WorkPilots-application and had found gig work tasks for him/her that way. He/She recommended that for me too to download it, if I could find something for me too. I downloaded the app and soon I got some work tasks and earned some pocket money.
In the spring I applied to summer jobs again and thanks to WorkPilots-application, I had now some markings on my CV. Soon, because of my WorkPilots-experience, I got an invitation to the first job interview of my life and I got a job as church guide for the whole summer.
I’m really thankful that I was recommended to use WorkPilots. Without the application I would probably had left without summer job even this year. Using the app is very easy and I can choose work tasks very easily according to my own schedule, and I will surely use it in the future also. – Elina
”I got the best possible summer job.” – Valtteri

”I participated in the piloting of the WorkPilots-application in the spring of 2016. I got this chance via youth government of our municipality. During that two-week pilot period I did a few work tasks that fit well for me and I earned some pocket money.
After that work task I got maybe the best possible summer job, and it’s not yet cast iron, that it would be just a summer job. At least for me downloading WorkPilots to my phone has been very great thing.

Chapter 4 – Accumulating skills

*…offered me the task of content producer for one evening and it was instructive experience. I got a experience of making interviews and filming with videocamera.”
”I spent a really great day with kids during the autumn vacation and it helped me to develop myself as so called leader.”

”My best experience was a childcare gig. Via service I got to know, how to get on with children”.
”WorkPilots is splendid way to test different fields and possibly learn new things about yourself at the same time”.

Chapter 5 – Self-confidence and finding the strengths.
”In the event I got to know new people and I was in touch with many people I didn’t know at all before. That experience helped me to be more open with new people”.
”I got more courage to go along to new things and talk to new people”
”I was taken seriously”.
”I’ve got positive feedback from the work tasks, which has given me self-confidence to that I can do also other jobs, not just the jobs of my own field.”
”… even though the work hasn’t always been so mediocre, I still get to show reliability and I could ask them for a summer job next summer”.

” I have found new strengths of myself and also learned, what I still have to develop.” – Aapo

On one winter day my friend asked me to market WorkPilots with him. I downloaded the application and after looking at it for a moment I was wondering, is it really so that works are just a few clicks away.
Marketing in the shopping mall was my first task and I enjoyed being there very well. Time went fast and soon few hours had gone. I learned a lot of self-confidence, courage and initiative, which made to apply to many other tasks too. I’ve worked in the museum with kids, done some garden work and worked as the  kiosk sales man in he Finnish baseball -game for example.
Work tasks have given me a lot of important work experience and I’ve found new strengths of myself and also learned what I still have to develop. Anyway I have managed all the tasks well and I’ve done my best. My personality is like that, if I start something, it has to be finished also. This attribute has been really useful while working!
Every employer have treated me well and given me clear instructions, what the work includes. Friendly colleagues have also given me their part to my only good experiences of WorkPilots. I hope that nice and versatile work tasks make it possible for me and many other youngsters to get different work experiences! -Aapo


Chapter 6 – New dimensions from the world

”Some people can find longer-term job via WorkPilots, for me WorkPilots opened the door to Asia.” – Erika
A bit under a year ago we planned a trip to Indonesia with my friend. However, we had one problem; how to collect money to that trip. We googled different ways to collect money and we found WorkPilots, application, with which we started to go for our dream. It didn’t take so long, when we got our first gigs and we were raking the garden of one nursing home. In addition to raking, we cleaned an office, mailed letters and attended to activities of Kotka’s ohjaamo.

In April we flew to Indonesia and we spent there two weeks. WorkPilots helped with collecting the trip money and at the same time we got to create relations to many companies and operators in Kotka. I have worked also after trip myself. I was an assistant physical education instructor in park gymnastics exercises for a while and I’ve also been on a WorkPilots introduction video.

My experiences have been only positive! Pocket money has come to useful purpose, experience has increased and the application is very easy to use. I’m also really positively surprised by the fluent and continuous co-operation of Ohjaamo and WorkPilots. Me myself had a lot of work experience before, but for them who has not, WorkPilots gives easy way to get into work life and brings wanted experience and possibly opens the doors to the work life even more.
I will look for jobs via WorkPilots also in the future and I hope more employers, entrepreneurs and households get to know about it. Some people can find longer-term job via WorkPilots, for me WorkPilots opened the door to Asia. – Erika

Go to dream vacation by earning money:

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Chapter 7 – I got a job!

”I got my first gig after attending to test the application via Duunista toimeen -project  and after it I started to follow the application actively. After this I got to get few gigs from Kouvolan Lakritsi (liquorice factory) and after that I got more gigs from them. After few gigs they wanted to offer me more permanent job and nowadays I’m working in their factory outlet.
Factory outlet is located in the same premises with Kouvola’s Filmtown, so after few months I got a job also from Filmtown as a sales person. WorkPilots-application gave me a great start to work life and via it I’ve got much experience, which will surely help me in the future.” – Aino

Waltteri’s story:

I graduated as a bachelor’s degree (BBA) in 2015 and unfortunately jobs just leaped farther way apart from one temporary job of 2,5 months and some irregular work shifts. In August 2017 the path to work life opened, when I got chance from WorkPilots.
In my own blog I leave my comfort zone. I tell stories about my learnings and ideas, which I get on my way with the sales guru and I tell stories about meetings with younsters.” – Waltteri Roihuvuo