Work Pilots videos scripted by students

Work Pilots Episode 1 (in English): Meet Greg & Jennifer, too promising individuals finding Work Pilots mobile app. Work Pilots connects people in need for short term tasks with enthusiastic workers.

Work Pilots Episode 2 (in English): Work pilots helping Martha with her garden work and Bob in his office errands.



Work Pilots Friends is a video series by Work Pilots that are capturing some thoughts from the known public people about youth unemployment.

Work Pilots friends interviews were started by the delightful musician and songwriter Jore Marjaranta. See what Jore thinks about the employment of the youth and the possibilities of Work Pilots! (In Finnish)

Adventure runner Jukka Viljanen has run across the Sahara and the Kalahari Deserts, as well as the North and South Pole glaciers. See what important message Jukka wants to share with us! (In Finnish)

Our next Work Pilots friend is Tapio Liinoja. Tapio has performed in numerous plays, movies and TV-series in addition he is also a musician/singer/songwriter and one of the founding members of the band Lapinlahden Linnut. Check out what Tapio has to say about employing youth (in Finnish).

Roni Back is famous Finnish youtuber.  We are really excited about his way of presenting Work Pilots! (in Finnish).