Work Pilots Oy was founded in the fall of 2015 by Eija Kiviranta and Jari Raitanen, based on the insights, vision and desire to provide more low threshold work opportunities to young people. Our mission is to be able to give the possibility of work experience to anyone who needs or wants it.

We also want to make the busy day-to-day lives of households and businesses a bit easier by finding them the best workers available, at the right time and without unnecessary bureaucratic hassles.

You can sign up and search for opportunities or find help to your errands.

As a result of the digitalisation and globalization of the economy the number of unemployed is growing, and many people, especially young people, are increasingly left with no work experience and an empty CV. The longer we are apart from working life, the more easily we stray away from our normal life and society. As a result of this transition more and more people must find other options to employ themselves.

On the other hand, there are people whose everyday lives would be easier with the delegation of small jobs. The problem occurs where the job and the worker meet. Especially, the current models of short-term work are too cumbersome and bureaucratic.

Most of us, however, have the desire and ability to be involved, if only given the chance. New business models, digitalisation of mobility enable new bold experiments also at work.

Our purpose is to solve youth unemployment – one gig at a time!

The idea of Work Pilots was born in 2015. We believe in the power of cooperation, and thus a wide range of companies, public sector operators, young people and a number of other private individuals have been included in our application design and development.

The common goal of our journey together has been to create an easy-to-use, feature-rich and secure mobile application, which would make the provision and accepting of tasks easier than ever.

Strong values and responsibility has been at the center of our operations from the beginning. As we move towards our goal we make sure that with every step we take, all the parties involved are happy and receive what they deserve. We have also made specific efforts in our information security and risk management so that using Work Pilots would be as safe as possible.

The smashing team behind us

Our team has solid experience with entrepreneurship, service development and international business. The inclusion of ecosystems and strategic business management are some of our particular strengths.

As our partner in the technical development of risk management, payment service and the application we have a team of experienced developers and security experts.

Our extensive and potent networks and co-operation models are what is going to drive Work Pilots forward. Our calling is to solve societal problems in new and unconventional ways. We are connected by our passion to help people to move, especially the young, into working life.

Want to know more? Contact us!

Join us in providing and finding ever better opportunities of work for those who need them!



CEO – Chief Enabling Officer

Eija has extensive experience of over 25+ years on the IT services sector and she has been leading various projects, business operations, teams and companies. She has lived 10 years outside of Finland in England, Malaysia, France and Sweden, and possesses wide acumen and experience on building businesses in different markets. She has also worked as Director for Innovations and Corporate Responsibility for large IT service provider and helped various clients towards sustainable business though her own consultancy company. Her passion is to create sustainable solutions and solve societal issues while at the same time creating great businesses.

Tel. +358 40 7090150 – email eija (at) workpilots.com



Product manager

Roosa has graduated with a master’s degree in engineering from Aalto University’s programme of Information Networks. Interdisciplinary studies have provided her with wide-ranging expertise and a human-centered perspective on technology. Roosa especially enjoys working on the usability and user experience of services. At WorkPilots, Roosa coordinates the technical team and service development and strives to ensure the fulfillment of customers’ needs through user-centered design and active engagement.

email roosa.laurikainen (at) workpilots.com



Master Service Creator

Annu has earlier worked in the social field as a mentor and as a social worker with people who need special support. She is interested in people and their stories and believes, that some people’s story can be changed better by a small support or given chance. In WorkPilots she develops the service in co-operation with others to that direction, that every youngster, also they who need special assistance, could get work tasks, work experience and new opportunities (and of course great stories).

Tel. +358 50 539 6701 – email annu.kiiski (at) workpilots.com